Why you’ll never succeed online
Why you’ll never succeed online

Wow! Did John just say that, is it true? Holy molly John, arent you supposed to tell me how to succeed online and become a success?  Yet here you are telling me Im doomed to fail, whats that all about?!?

First of all its not all doom and gloom, but you need to know that most people who try to make money online will fail miserably, and not only that - they will probably spend thousands of dollars on various programs in their quest for success online. 

In this free report John Thornhill is going to tell you what he believes are the main reasons people fail online and he's going to give it to you straight. And while you might hate some of what you read, thats the whole point. I want you to get {angry as hell|angry| as you read this. Hopefully it will help you avoid most of pitfalls that most people face and hopefully you will learn what it takes to succeed online.

Marketers we used to trust are promoting bad product after rubbish product, many selfish product creators are spending more than $15,000 on a pro copywriter to make sure their product sells, while only spending a few hundred dollars getting the actual product they are selling created. 

Various products that don’t deliver any real value and have little or zero support are getting launched almost daily. Surely you've seen launches over the last few months saying things like “click your mouse 3 times and money will fall from the sky.” Well, they didn’t quite say this exactly but they may as well have done as most of the sales pages have been full of lies and hype.

In order for you to succeed online, you'll have to know and do certain things. And, you'll want to get away certain things as well. Want to know which are the most important ones that will not let you succeed online?

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